Work Hour Variance

A work hour variance has been approved from April through September 2024 for the following hours of work:

Monday – Saturday: 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday – Friday: 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Potential impacts to residents or business will be taken into consideration and monitored during overnight work to protect persons from excessive noise, light, and traffic effects. Existing mitigation measures include but are not limited to:

•    Although construction activities may commence at 5 a.m., deliveries will be prohibited before 7:30 a.m. unless supporting a mass concrete pour.

•    Night shift activities will occur primarily in the central part of the site (SUT) at grade to reduce noise and light emissions.

•    Night shifts are expected Mondays through Fridays starting at 6 p.m. There will not be any night shifts on Saturday or Sunday nights.

•    Lights will be pointed downward to the greatest extent practicable to minimize the amount of light directed offsite.

•    Light location and light intensity (lumens) will be periodically monitored and evaluated to prevent excess usage.

•    Use of shusher style backup alarms (e.g. white sound alarms) instead of back-up beepers.

•    Reducing the idling of equipment and, if feasible, select small equipment still capable of efficiently performing a task.

•    Inspect equipment and trucks for proper muffling systems and maintenance during daytime hours.

•    Staging and movement of construction equipment shall be organized to minimize the use of backup alarms.

•    Minimize truck traffic and prohibit off-site deliveries (unless executing a planned mass concrete placement)

•    In accordance with CoNA Codified Ordinance 521.12, no work shall take place on Memorial Day (May 27); Independence Day (July 4); and Labor Day (Sept. 2).