Construction Updates
View construction, traffic and general project updates in and around the New Albany International Business Park, including road improvements and closures.
Central College and Jug Street Closure
Central College and Jug Street will be closed for approximately four weeks to facilitate pavement restoration work.
Extended Work Hours
A work hour variance has been approved through September for extended day and night shift work hours.
Miller Road Pavement Repairs
Starting on the week of May 13th, Miller Road will undergo pavement repairs from Bermuda Drive to Clover Valley Road.
Spring - Summer
Upcoming Superload Deliveries
View the routes of upcoming superloads being delivered to the Intel site.
FALL 2023 - SUMMER 2024
Green Chapel Reconstruction
Green Chapel Road has a new traffic pattern with westbound traffic on the northern lanes and eastbound traffic on the southern lanes.
The city is constructing a new water main where Jug Street and Central College Road connect.
Project Timeline Update

Feb. 2, 2024: Intel announced that it is pushing back its timeframe for completing the two fabs. When Intel first announced Ohio as the site of its newest and most sophisticated chip manufacturing factories, company officials suggested the facilities could be done as early as 2025. But that aggressive goal will not be met. Typical construction timelines for semiconductor manufacturing facilities are three to five years from groundbreaking, depending on a range of factors. Intel broke ground on its Ohio One campus ahead of schedule in September 2022.

Since announcing its plans in early 2022, Intel has been a strong community partner for the City of New Albany. The company has reiterated its full commitment to the project, and we expect to see continued progress at the Ohio One site. The City of New Albany will continue to fulfill its commitments of completing related infrastructure, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Intel to bring silicon chip manufacturing to Ohio.

Intel broke ground on Ohio One ahead of schedule and is maintaining construction progress.  Typical construction timelines for semiconductor manufacturing facilities are three to five years from groundbreaking, depending on a range of factors.

Intel’s progress on the site thus far includes:

  • More than 1.6 million work hours dedicated to the project.

  • Poured more than 32,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to fill a stadium.

  • Installed 4,300 tons of rebar (approximately the same weight as 600+ African elephants)

  • Installed 15,000 linear feet of underground pipe (almost 700 parking spots end to end)

  • Installed 210,000 linear feet of underground conduit (just over 700 football fields)

  • Hired more than 100 Ohioans, including some who are training at Intel’s locations in Arizona and Oregon.

  • 800-900 construction workers on the site and expect to have several thousand by the end of the year.

The Ohio One Site in January 2023.
Progress on the Ohio One site as of January 2024.
By the Numbers
Engineering statistics for 2023 for the roads near the Intel site that are under construction.
Long-Term Construction
Roadway Improvements: April 2023 - August 2024

Construction work continues on the infrastructure improvement projects for Mink Street, Clover Valley Road, Jug Street, Harrison Road and Green Chapel Road.

Mink Street between State Route 161 and Green Chapel Road is being reconstructed. Major reconstruction of Clover Valley Road will occur between Jug Street and Green Chapel Road.

This project also includes minor reconstruction of Jug Street for several hundred feet both east and west of Clover Valley Road.

Green Chapel Road from Mink Street to Duncan Run is being reconstructed. Briscoe Parkway, a new road, will be constructed connecting Harrison Road to Clover Valley Road.

These projects will widen the roadways while improving drainage, safety and aesthetics, and providing access to adjacent agricultural parcels.

State Route 161 Improvements: July 2023 - August 2025

ODOT is adding a lane in each direction within the existing footprint of the highway and widening bridges. ODOT is also widening the ramp from SR 161 West to I-270 North and making improvements to the Mink Street-SR 161 interchange.

Since the project began, ODOT has completed the widening of the Sunbury Rd. ramp to I-270 southbound and the SR 161 westbound ramp to I-270 southbound. The inside shoulder of I-270 northbound at SR 161 has also been widened.

Current work items include:

•    Median widening on SR 161 between Hamilton Rd. and Kitzmiller Rd.
•    Widening of the SR 161 westbound ramp to I-270 northbound
•    Outside shoulder widening of the I-270 northbound from SR 161 to SR 3
•    Outside shoulder widening of SR 161 from Sunbury Rd. to Hamilton Rd.
•    Work on the U.S. 62 bridge, Hamilton Rd. bridge, and Rocky Fork Bridge

The additional lanes are expected to open by the end of 2024. All other related construction activities should be complete by August 2025.

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Upcoming Construction

Phase 2 of Green Chapel Road improvements slated to begin in late 2024

On Nov. 28, 2023, New Albany officials met with residents of Green Chapel Road who live between Clover Valley Road and US 62 to talk about the plans for widening that stretch of the road from two to three lanes and making other functional and aesthetic improvements, including a community path parallel to the road. Officials shared a diagram, or scroll plot, of the proposed improvements and provided details about the design, which is still in the preliminary stages. In addition to the new lane, the project also includes a realignment of the intersection of Green Chapel Road and US 62 and new signals at the intersection.

Work on the project is scheduled to begin in the 4th quarter of 2024 and end in late 2025. Updated information will be posted to the website when it becomes available.

>Download a PDF of the Planned Improvements

The image above shows a sample section of Green Chapel Road and how it will be expanded from a two-lane road to a three-lane road.
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