New Waterline Near Mink St and Clover Valley Being Disinfected and Flushed

The City of New Albany recently installed a new waterline in the vicinity of Mink Street and Clover Valley Road. Before being put into service, the new line must be disinfected and flushed. The City of Columbus is performing this service for New Albany. As part of this work, discharged water will flow onto Mink Street. This water comes from the City of Columbus Hap Cremean Water Plant. The water is clean and poses no threat to residents or the environment.

Once the waterline has been satisfactorily tested, the flushing will end, and the waterline will be put into service. While we do not have an exact completion date identified, it is rare for projects like this to last longer than two weeks.

Questions about this process should be directed to New Albany City Engineer Kylor Johnson at or 614-939-2247.