Upcoming Superload Deliveries


The fourteenth of nearly two dozen “superloads” and third of four loads that exceed 900,000 pounds, will depart the dock site in Adams County on Wednesday, July 24. The move is scheduled to take more than a week and will make stops in West Portsmouth, Lucasville, Chillicothe, Rickenbacker, Pickerington, and Pataskala before being delivered in New Albany on Tuesday, July 30.

Cargo: Air Processor (Cold Box)
Height: 22’ 9″
Width: 19’ 9″
Length: 278’ 2″
Weight: 915,546 pounds

•    July 24 (Day 1) Dock in Manchester to West Portsmouth (32 miles)

•    July 25 (Day 2) West Portsmouth to Lucasville (14 miles)

•    July 26 (Day 3) ODOT Scioto County Garage to Chillicothe (48 miles)

•    July 27 (Day 4) – Chillicothe to Rickenbacker (35 miles)

•     July 28 (Day 5) Rickenbacker to Freedom Way in Pickerington (18 miles)

•    July 29 (Day 6) Freedom Way in Pickerington to Pataskala (15 miles)

•    July 30 (Day 7) – Pataskala to Intel site in New Albany (10 miles)

•    Originates in and travels through Licking County. 9:00 a.m. Departure (approximate)

•    Travel East on State Route 16 to State Route 310

•    Travel North on State Route 310 to State Route 161

•    Travel West on State Route 161 to Mink Street

•    Travel North on Mink Street to Clover Valley Road NW

•    Load delivered

These extra-large loads will have significant traffic impacts as they move. Motorists are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and avoid the route while the load is moving.

Due to the size of the loads and slow speed of the convoy, moves will begin earlier than previous trips to ensure each move can be completed during daylight hours.

For additional information, visit the ODOT website.

You can also sign up for superload email alerts and get notified of traffic delays.